Sunday, February 26, 2012

Busy Year for B.J.

 cant contributor B.J. Love had a busy year this 2011. On top of releasing a chapbook with cant chapbooks and publishing criticism in cant and elsewhere he also released a fine collaborative chapbook with poet-bookmaker Friedrich Kerksieck of Small Fires Press courtesy of the Dusie Kollektiv.

It's a beautiful book which is hard to describe visually. It ostensibly looks like a notepad with a fine cover, but the translucent, plastic-like pages fold out into two-color spreads, so that the writing can be enjoyed à la broadside.

The writing is boisterously boyish and, in honor to the title, is ostensibly concerned with dinosaurs. The theme of natural history, however, allows for bright, poetic glimpses into reality like the following:

"... we are two monsters / totally comfortable with sex in beds."

Enjoy some not-so-erotic giant reptile sex very soon. If you're lucky, Mr. Kerksieck might offer you a peek into the next issue of Matchbook, also put out by Small Fires. More on that to come.

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