Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Blue One is the Newest One

A while ago, co-editor Jon Barrett and I decided to eschew numbers from cant, in favor of colors.

Thus, this most recent issue is the "Baby Blue Issue."

There are about a trillion popular rock bands (and by trillion I mean "three," unless you include the pseudo-fictional Spinal Tap) who have used the same technique for album covers.

For us, the decision was instinctive, as the first creamy-colored cant produced in 2003 bore no numbers, as it was the first. We followed suit for those following.

In the year Aaron McNally turned 32, baby-blue cant was dropped during the month of his birth--National Poetry Month. (In fact, it arrived on his birthday. Quelle coincidence!?)

For you, baby blue this April. Send us an email and enjoy the issue!

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